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16th January 2014


The Dead Heart

Hail the dead heart

It knows no fear nor dread

It does not jump nor run

It only conquers all

Rue the dead heart

It knows no warmth nor love

It does not fight nor rise

It is only conquered

Remove the dead heart

I can only know nothing

I can only do nothing

I can only be conquered

6th December 2012



Heart is love

Lips are affection

Hands are connection

Arms are locked

Feet are trackers

Legs are followers

Heart is love

There is no bind

No junction to find

Find no use

Hard to discover

Harder to recover

Parts we refuse

Searching overtones

Mutilator atones

Heart is love

Shed my thorns

Dread my sores

Heart is love

5th December 2012


Her Eyes

Here eyes are not like the stars in the night sky,

who witness lovers nightly without surprise.

Her eyes are like the sun and the moon.

The sun who watches as I scorch dry with its being.

The moon who watches with its pity as I withdraw.

The sun will surely rise and the moon will surely wane.

Her eyes never cease.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,

I wonder what you are.

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1st December 2012


A Rose

For the girl I love,

I would give you this rose.

I will choose the reddest

from the reddest meadow.

I tread heavily but in silence.

I grasp the stem and I grip.

I pull without strength.

I fear to destroy such a gift.

I have uprooted it finally.

It will live with your love.

I have gifted you to the full.

I will never again be left whole.

For girl, I love you.

I give you this rose

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18th October 2012



My mind is a




cloud computing

hot stuff software

but cool hardware.

My heart is a


noise making

oil sneezing

black smoking

piece of junk.

Too bad,

my heart pumps blood to my body.

Too bad,

blood comes back to my heart.

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14th October 2012


The Old Code

Heroes of epics follow the old code,

A man leaves his homeland.

He goes on an adventure.

He saves civilizations.

He finds his true love

and he goes home.

He discovers himself.

I stay here.

Adventure is everywhere.

I should save myself first.

I find my true love.

How do I go home?

I lost myself in you.

I alone follow the new code.

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12th October 2012



Is it a coincidence?

We love the same things.

Sometimes, I discover what you like

and end up falling in love with it.

Other times, you discover something I like

and end up falling for it.

Is it a coincidence

that we are the same?

I love you because I do;

or do I love you because

I love me?

Are we more like twins?

Am I finding myself in you?

Is it I love myself so I love you?

Is it a coincidence?

I don’t think so.

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9th October 2012

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Heart and Ruin

People have always talked

about the ruins of the heart.

The heart crumbles

into ruins.

The heart has always been in ruins.

We look for other hearts to rebuild this ruin

but those other hearts are ruins themselves.

This heart has began beating in ruins.

It wants more than what it was given.

Those heartbeats reverberate

through the shattered pillars and hanging walls.

A little more shaking, a little more swaying,

it will implode and collapse into itself.

We have always talked about

people being complementary.

The gaps and holes of one

filled by strengths of another.

When can the heart realize,

its shards and brokenness

can only hurt others?


can we not conclude

the heart is painful?

Can we not conclude

the heart is blinded?

Can we not conclude

the heart is alone?

The heart has always

been complete.

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7th October 2012


10 Haiku for Lovers and Once Lovers

Will you answer me?

Please smile and not reward pain.

Please answer me now.


Here, have my love:

Crazy, madly and deeply.

Take it whole, my love.


Let me touch your skin.

I know that you feel it too.

Love be mutual.


Love is glue so strong.

It quickly mends cracks and gaps.

Off it goes, break more.


In you, I invest.

For you, I pour all of me.

From you, I expect.


My friends: “Talk to her”

Me: “I will be over her”

My love: “You pretend”


I have broken once.

But, first means second.

I’m sad. I can count.


Take me for granted.

I know you leave the insane

With wounds wide open.


Love is kin to rose.

Petals die and thorns remain

Growing from inside.


Love as good as dead

Lost a head, missing a heart

Love as real as life

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6th October 2012



Most poets write very powerfully.

I just like to write very light but still true.

Deep words are for books

too complicated for crooks.

Hello. How are you?

I really miss you, honey.

I need you right now, baby.

Goodbye, my love. Hope to see you soon!

Long time, no see.

Hey. How are you?

Don’t you remember me?

I’m the guy with you.

I’m not lying. I’m him:

your honey, your baby

your boo-boo.

Goodbye for now. See you again soon!

For my next line, I am unsure.

Am I writing powerfully?

I loved you but

still loving you.

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